Renewable Energy

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    Caltronics Design and Assembly believes that it is important to do our part to keep the planet healthy, by using an eco-conscious cleaning method, whenever possible, of a deionized water, instead of a chemical based method, to wash our boards we are taking steps to lessen our ecological footprint. In the past, Caltronics developed a rack-unit test system for a national laboratory researching hydrogen fuel cell efficiency, forging the way to a cleaner and more efficient renewable energy system. Here at Caltronics Design and Assembly, we understand that people want to track how products and systems work and verify that everything is operating efficiently, and we can help with the analytics of this task.

    Caltronics can produce information gathering tools such as sensors that can measure moisture levels or track the revolutions of a wind turbine, these sensor boards can have advanced analytic capabilities. Caltronics Design and Assembly is not tailored to any specific software service, nor does Caltronics sell software, but we  have programmers on staff to assist along the way, making the process smooth and effortless. Let Caltronics lead you to a future of efficiency and stainability for generations to come.

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