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Our experts are working with the world’s most innovative companies on their toughest challenges. The result: a world that’s smarter, safer, and more connected. Read more to see how our experts are ready to advance your next brilliant idea and then contact us to experience the Caltronics difference.

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Take advantage of Caltronics’ expertise and reputable experience in PCB design, electronic assembly, turnkey solutions, and more. Our top-to-bottom design strategy gives you an unrivaled attention to quality, matched with industry-leading services and processes that ensure your product reaches its full potential. No matter which stage your project is at, let’s work together to find the solutions you need.

Electronic Design

Develop cutting edge electronic designs with our team of professional engineers. With decades of experience in PCB, hardware and firmware design, our engineers will ensure that your device is built to the highest standards.

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Contract Manufacturing & Assembly

PCB assembly and contract manufacturing is our specialty. No matter the size, scale, or scope of your project, find the expert knowledge and experience you need in a partner with the team at Caltronics.

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Quick-Turn PCB Prototyping

Need to build a custom circuit board that is engineered to meet your specific needs? Have a design you want built quickly without sacrificing quality? No matter your situation, our electronic engineers and technicians will bring your prototype to life without delay.

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Testing & X-Ray Inspection

We cut no corners when it comes to quality. With some of the most advanced testing equipment available, we ensure quality and functionality. With Caltronics, rest assured that your product will perform for the long haul.

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A Tradition in Electronic Assembly Excellence

Founded in 1995, Caltronics has provided innovative and industry-leading electronic design and manufacturing solutions to clients of all sizes and industries for over 20 years. Our team continues this tradition by combining decades of experience and thorough engineering acumen to provide the highest caliber of service to bring your idea from as little as a napkin sketch into reality.

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Caltronics Design & Assembly, Inc. is a family owned and operated contract manufacturing company proficient in all facets of electronics design and PCB assembly. We have helped hundreds of clients discover dependable long-lasting solutions and we can’t wait to talk about your project next!