Electronics Testing and Inspection

Caltronics’ inspection and testing plan includes X-ray inspection if desired and is developed along with the product design.

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  • Electronics testing and inspection guarantee top quality products

    Electronics testing and inspection demonstrate that finished goods live up to specs. And although inspection and testing activities are often the final stage of manufacturing, at Caltronics an inspection and testing plan is developed early on, along with the design. We design for test to save time and expense.

  • PCB testing and PCB inspection

    Our IPC-certified technicians apply cutting-edge multi-angle X-ray and automated optical inspection (AOI) to the PCBs we fabricate. We are able to inspect the integrity of PCBAs and electronic assemblies without the hassle of disassembling and reassembling the components. This process provides thorough inspection of a product in a fraction of the time of traditional methods and helps prevent many of the typical causes for electronic system failure.

    Caltronics’ X-ray inspection is so sophisticated, even our competitors call on us for:

    Fast, detailed inspection of BGA solder joints

    Finding internal circuit board defects like voiding, shorts, opens, micro-cracks and ball deformations

  • Electronic product testing

    Thorough testing can ensure that your assembled product is not only going to work but meets applicable federal and industry standards as well. We work with you to get the necessary testing done for your product in an approved lab so your timeline is met and your project runs like it’s supposed to. Turn to Caltronics when your product needs to meet any of these standards:

    UL/ETL: Safety testing, certification, and inspection as approved by OSHA

    FCC: Electronic product or equipment complies with appropriate FCC technical standards

    CE: Used to ensure manufacturing conformity for products sold in the European Economic Area

  • Environmental Testing

    Printed circuit boards and electronic products can be found across a range of industries and environments. It’s crucial that every PCB and assembly withstand the elements of its intended application. Our environmental chamber tests a product’s ability to perform at temperatures ranging from -35 to 110 degrees Celsius.

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