Frequently Asked Questions

PCB Capabilities

  • What is the smallest PCB you can assemble?

    There is no minimum, but for automated surface-mount assembly we need to run the PCBs on conveyors that adjust to widths just under 3”. If the PCB is smaller than that, or if there are components near the edges, the PCB should be fabricated in an array. Please contact us to determine the best array size, or just give us your Gerber files and we can take it from there.

    What is the largest PCB you can assemble?

    There is no limit for hand-assembled PCBs, but if you want automated surface-mount assembly, 18.1” x 18.1” is the largest size that will run through all of our machines. If your PCB exceeds these dimensions, please contact us. We can run larger sizes by including some manual operations.

  • Can Caltronics do mixed-technology PCBs?

    Absolutely. We have both SMT assembly lines and selective solder equipment for through-hole components on your mixed-technology and double-sided boards.

    Does Caltronics do prototyping and product introduction quantities?

    Yes. Caltronics regularly produces prototypes and small test quantities, both as part of our design and development service as well as with complete customer documentation. Let us help you prove your product design before committing to full production runs.

Production Capabilities

  • Can Caltronics be our “one-stop shop” to handle all of our needs?

    From Product Design to PCB Assembly, Full Chassis / Box-build and Final Assembly, and Packaging and Delivery, Caltronics has the experience, tools and capabilities to be a “one-stop shop” for all of your product realization needs. We strive to make your job easier.

    Will Caltronics just do a specific operation for me?

    Yes. We’re very flexible and happy to meet your needs, no matter how big or small. Caltronics’ value-added services include: Electronic and Mechanical Design, PCB Assembly, Cable & Wire Harness Assembly, Chassis / Box-build / Panel Assembly, Final Product Assembly & Packaging, High-resolution X-ray Analysis, Potting/Encapsulation, BGA Removal & Replacement, Component Installation and Replacement, Custom Modification, Specialized Rework, Drop-ship Delivery and more. You tell us what you need done and we’ll handle it for you.

  • Does Caltronics do quick-turn assembly work?

    Yes. Many of our customers have enjoyed our ability to meet their short lead-time needs. We have the experience and resources to expedite your order.

Design and Engineering Capabilities

  • What engineering and design assistance can Caltronics provide?

    Caltronics employs our own in-house design and development engineering team, unlike other shops who outsource such work. We also have a full manufacturing engineering team to support all of our production activities. That means your product has two sets of highly skilled engineers to design your product and ensure its quality production from concept to delivery.

  • Does Caltronics provide design for manufacturability (DFM) services?

    Because we house design and manufacturing experts under the same roof, our engineers have an intimate understanding of what it takes to build something, and they can help you achieve an efficient and easy-to-manufacture design.


  • What are the value-added services Caltronics offers?

    Among Caltronics’ many value-added services are: Electronic and Mechanical Design, PCB Assembly, Cable & Wire Harness Assembly, Chassis / Box-build / Panel Assembly, Final Product Assembly & Packaging, High-resolution X-ray Analysis, Potting/Encapsulation, BGA Removal & Replacement, Component Installation & Replacement, Custom Modification, Specialized Rework, Drop-ship Delivery and more.

    Does Caltronics offer manufacturing for non-electronic products?

    Even though we specialize in electronic assembly, we offer mechanical assembly services as well. In fact, a large portion of our work includes electronic AND mechanical manufacturing (box builds).

  • What inspection and testing do you offer?

    Along with every electrical assembler and inspector being IPC standard 610 certified, Caltronics has invested in the most modern and capable equipment available to assure your product meets your quality requirements. We employ 2D and 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Rotational X-Ray, and product-specific electrical/functional testing.

Certifications / Compliance

  • We need to convert to RoHS, can Caltronics help me?

    Yes, we have the experience and resources to take your current product design and BOM, and determine how it will meet RoHS requirements.

    Is Caltronics capable of doing both RoHS and Non-RoHS work?

    We have dedicated assembly lines and equipment for both RoHS and non-RoHS production, along with process controls to assure your product requirements are met.

  • Does Caltronics have a strong process control system?

    Caltronics is ISO 9001 Certified and utilizes a full Quality Management System controlling your product’s design, assembly & inspection documents, production machine programming, engineering change orders and production records. To see our ISO 9001 Certificate, click here.

    Can Caltronics do Government Contract work?

    Yes. Caltronics is certified to the ITAR regulations, and as a Women-Owned Small Business we have the process controls in place to maintain the confidentiality of everyone’s projects, especially those related to our great nation’s defense.

Ordering and delivery

  • What is your minimum or maximum order quantity?

    Caltronics features assembly equipment that facilitates extremely quick setup and changeover from one project to the next, while being capable of very high production rates. We are happy to help you bring your product to life—regardless of how many units are needed.

    Can Caltronics take care of my logistics needs?

    Certainly. Many of our customers opt for us to ship them their product so that they can incorporate it into a final assembly; however, we can build your final product too, and manage your inventory and shipments to distributors, end-users, and… you name it.

  • How do I get a quote from Caltronics?

    Whether you have a “back of the napkin” sketch or a full file package (including drawings, Gerber files, and Bills of Materials), we can work with you to get an accurate design and/or assembly quote fast. Just contact us at 651.462.1440 or click here.