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Help your caregivers and doctors track their patient’s metrics seamlessly

  • Something as small as a single solder can save a life, choose Caltronics to make a differencet

    Caltronics Design and Assembly has several differentiating commercial level machines to fit the needs of entrepreneurial to mid-size production goals. These include a MY500 jet printer and stencil printer for intricately putting solder on boards, and a MY100 surface mount technology machine. Specialized in the inventing and ideation process as well as manufacturing and testing prototypes, Caltronics is equipped to get the process started and follow through with production. If you come in with a design we can built it fast. Don’t have a design yet? No worries, with an advanced and well-educated team of engineers we can do the design for you and you’ll retain ownership once it is completed.

    Caltronics created a device that can help track how a caregiver is reacting with a patient and what they are doing to ensure that they are getting the best possible care. Devices, by physicians to ensure that patients are doing the required physical therapy at home, and even as a sensor for sleep apnea to help doctors track sleeping patterns with their patients.

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