Finding Solutions For Our Clients

For over 20 years, our design and assembly team has developed and produced critical solutions for venture-backed startups to Fortune 100 companies in nearly every field of work. Examples include:

Caltronics’ ingenuity improves the world in unlimited ways

  • MN-PCB-Assembly

  • Renewable Energy

    Design & Development of Testing System
    Developing a rack-unit test system for a national laboratory researching hydrogen fuel cell efficiency, forging the way to cleaner and more efficient renewable energy systems

    Commercial Applications

    Electrical Design of Breathalyzer
    Electro-mechanical design of a breathalyzer module placed internationally in bars and restaurants for patrons to check blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

    Defense & Aerospace

    Prototype PCB
    Electronic design and manufacturing of PCB prototypes and the physical device that helps defense and aerospace manufacturers build and repair their planes and other cutting edge products faster, and with overall integrity.


    Medical Device Circuit Board Design
    Design of circuitry used in a medical device for soft tissue microwave ablation.

    Data Storage

    Hard Drive Testing System
    A system for a leading computing and data storage company used to test and evaluate hard drive heads.

    Military & Law Enforcement

    Target Training System
    Mechanical and electronic design of a wirelessly controlled moving target system for military and law enforcement firearms training.

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