How do I Improve My Design?

At Caltronics, we have been a part of many interesting designs and projects. Sometimes these prove to be great lessons for us that we carry into new work. One of those lessons we learned is about optimizing a project for our clients. Here are the things we look at when we try to improve a product or design.

How Simple is it to Manufacture?
One key to optimizing an existing design is to look at ways that the product can be made simpler to manufacture. This is a double edged sword as simplifying the product can make the manufacturing less expensive. But in simplifying a product you want to keep the same core capabilities.

If you are looking to add capabilities to the product, you also want to keep simplicity in mind. If an update requires other forms of redesign, that can increase other expenses as well. Will physical hardware have to change because of the electronics redesign? This can change other elements of the project.

Are the Components Nearing Obsolescence?
When we are working on updating a product, we look to see if the components that were originally used are still in production. Further, we want to know that they will continue to be available in the future to make sure the product we sell our clients will be able to be repaired and supported if need be.

What new Technology can Improve a Product?
One of the great things about technology is that it is always changing and improving. When we are taking a fresh look at an older design, we want to know if new technologies can bring increased functionality to the product. For example, there has been a lot of evolution in the Internet of Things and we can design your product to communicate on your network, automate the flow of information and provide necessary business intelligence to your company that could prevent bad events or trigger good ones.

What does the Customer want it to Do?
When we are updating a design, we have to keep the focus on what the client wants the product to do. Any improvements need to align with the core vision of the client for the product the way  the client has been using it. For example, a client might assume things about the product because of the way they have used it in the past. If you improve the capabilities of a product or optimized the way the product did what it did, if the client had built in assumptions about the user experience, they might not appreciate the change.

If you have a design that you think needs a refresh, please give us a call! We’d be delighted to look at what you are trying to build and help you make it better.

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