Caltronics purchases MIRTEC’s award-winning MV-6 OMNI 3-D AOI machine at SMTAI 2016

Cal Houdek and Brian D'amico at SMTAI 2016

Caltronic’s own Cal Houdek, and Brian D’Amico,
President of MIRTEC, at SMTAI 2016 


Caltronics is proud to announce our purchase of a new MIRTEC MV-6 Omni 3-D automated optical inspection (AOI) machine for PCBA inspection. Since purchasing  our first MIRTEC AOI machine in 2008, Caltronics has seen the most common resistor sizes drop from 0805 to 0402 and other components have reduced in size as well.

With the new machine’s 15 megapixel camera and 3-D system, Caltronics is equipped to provide excellent PCBA quality control for device placement and soldering inspection well into the future.

Here’s the press release (PDF) from MIRTEC: